What’s in a name?

It’s no secret that it’s been said through out the years “practice makes perfect”  and while that’s all well and good, the majority of us suffer from a great rift between our desire to achieve and our desire to practice.  That’s where WordPress comes in.

I’ve tried several times to practice and make perfect of several hobbies that could, at length, be defined as ‘one night stands’ (Learn Piano, wood working, learn guitar… the list goes on.)  Where I believe the error of my ways is, is that I over complicate and exaggerate what it could become rather than what I want it to be.

I want to play the piano like my father.  Not impossible but the man’s been playing piano for 30 years.  That’s pretty daunting to a big picture kinda guy like myself.

Now where it’s easiest to be overwhelmed is when you compare yourself to others and get lost in the identity that they’ve created over the years.  We, the creators, probably grew up watching someone else create something beautiful and that impassioned us to want to take up the pen, the keys, strings, knife, and create something that does their work justice.   Why not? It’s a chain that’s been going back since the beginning of our time on this planet.  I was inspired by the novels I read through high school, and the people who wrote those novels were inspired by the people they read when they were young, passionate and impressionable.  So we try on the shoes of our forefathers and, unsurprisingly, they’re too big for us when we’re budding artists.  To grow into them takes time, takes effort, and a hell of a lot of co-ordination while you stumble about wearing shoes 5 sizes to big.  The natural thing to do at this point is to step back, try on something a bit more suiting to your development and just keep walking.

Or in my case, Just Write.

I’ve played around with themes, subjects, and mediums but what it all boils down to is practice makes perfect.  If I want to write a novel, it doesn’t matter what I write now.  I’m not going to write a novel on my first go.  I’m not going to write a best seller on my first go.  The characters I think of, the premise, the settings, all things that come and go like rain and the wind.  What I need to do for my level of development is commit to writing.  Plain and simple.

Whether I take inspiration from my day at work, the lovely old lady I met in the elevator, or The Daily Post, I’m just here to write.  And continue writing.  There may be stories, there may be rants, I may even review a movie or two as long as I just write.

If you make it that easy, it’s impossible to fail.



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